Asynchronous Tasks With Django and Huey

I was working on a project and to achieve some results I wanted it to run some background process. It has to run outside the request-response cycle of request. When it comes to run async code in python, we generally use a task queue to achieve it.

Celery is the mostly used in the community and I’ve been already using it on other projects at work. But task was to run a simple task...


rm argument list too long

We can use following command if ‘rm’ command give “rm argument list too long” error:

sudo find . -name "*" -delete


Python Tips

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Mutable default arguments.

A common mistake programmer makes is using mutable arguments as default argument.

For Example:

def add_warnings(warnings=[]): warnings.append("some warning here") return warnings # calling it  add_warnings() Expected output: ['some warning here'] Output: ['some...


Source Code- Python

Lifecycle of a Hello World program in python.

I always wanted to know the internals of the Python language, so I started reading the Python language implementation: CPython. To understand the basics of a program execution I tried to track the lifecycle of a simple hello world program and I would like to share my learnings.


Building Python in your local directory:

  • Clone cpython project. git clone
  • cd cpython.
  • Build...


Generate all unique permuations of an array.

Given an array of integers print all unique permutation of array.


[1, 2, 3]


[1] [2] [3] [1, 2] [1, 3] [2, 3] [1, 2, 3] 

I always had problems in understanding the algorithms of generating all permutation of array. So lets try to solve by dividing the problem into smaller problem sets. Taking [1, 2, 3] as an input, we can see that permutation...